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ClikView: File Viewer, Explorer, Browser

A Powerful Windows File Viewer – must have utility for anybody who spends much time navigating directories and viewing files.

  • View the contents of a document.
  • Dual Panel File Browser, File Explorer.
  • Print, copy and paste the document view.
  • Instantly compress a file or add a file to an existing archive.
  • Provides a fast and convenient way of viewing files. 
  • Locate, copy, move, delete, view, edit and execute files in a quick way.



RafaBot: Download WebSite

RafaBot web spider download files from websites to your computer. A new kind of website downloader that automatically downloads Web sites, and saves them on your hard drive. 

  • fast multithreaded web download tool.
  • Retrieving sites for off-line viewing.
  • quickly download web sites and pages onto your hard disk.
  • Developers use this tool for analyzing websites. 



Extract Link: Email Extractor

Extract email address and other links (url, phone, fax numbers) from local files.

  • Easily scans and harvests from html, databases, or any text file.
  • Extract phone and fax numbers from local file.
  • searches some specified files or folders.
  • searches .txt, .htm, .html, .asp, .php, .xml, .jsp, .dbx and more…



JR Split: Advanced File Splitter

File Split Pro is the most powerful, easy to use and useful file splitter available today.

  • Split any large files to any size you specify.
  • Allows convenience of placing large files on multiple diskettes.
  • There are no limits in size or file type.



JR Screen Ruler

JR Screen Ruler Pro is a great tool to accurately measure anything on your screen.

  • Customize the color of line, background and font
  • Enter up to 20 custom measurement
  • Capture active window size in pixels, inches, cm, picas



WebSiteZip Packer is the fastest way to produce an e-book, product catalogs, site demos, manuals and much more. The compiler has been optimized to handle thousands of html pages per minute.

  • Create your own ebooks, ezines, manuals… 
  • Turn you valuable information into eBooks, ezines, booklets, catalogs and/or multimedia presentations. To sell online for huge profits or to give away to generate incredible traffic to your website!
  • Start your own business now. Create ebooks with this eBook compiler! It is really an advanced e-book creation software and one of the most efficient Internet marketing tools! 
  • Compile your favorite web site/pages into a single .EXE file. 
  • Using this ebook software you can compile your innumerable off-line web content (HTML and graphic files) into self-executable eBooks. Free up space on your computer and keep your files in order by making your own ebook library.



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