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Windows update error 0x80070057. Sometimes a specific error code doesn’t really help.
DLL error.
Security certificate error.
Blue screen stop error.
Folder access denied error.

Windows update error 0x80070057. Sometimes a specific Windows error code is not very helpful.
DLL error.
Security certificate error.
Blue screen stop error.
Folder access denied error.

One of Verden Joel’s most famous pranks is probably his Windows kill stream, in which, as the name suggests, Joel is now doing some absolutely terrible things, working on various operating systems, starting with Windows XP and so on. Joel usually started by working on a specific program, such as installing toolbars from unreliable websites and various free antivirus programs and optimizers, which of course always leads to the problems they claim to solve. From there it got even worse, and still the whole process of destruction ends on a high note, disabling certain operating systems with the help of various useful things,

Removing System32

or installing user-created software that quickly destroys these operating systems

without giving him a percentage to recover from him

For those of you who aren’t sure Joel could seriously damage the equipment your ex-boyfriend spent money on, don’t worry, the best free shows of digital violence still happen on the show.virtual machines. No computers were harmed while creating threads.


  • Windows Destroy XP, the certainty that started it all. Does Joel do absolutely terrible things in gameplay on Windows XP, like pumping out wobbly toolbars as everyone relives the long gone days of 2002. Don’t worry, it’s a virtual machine.
  • < li> But there’s also his reaction to the porn site that may have spawned the infamous BonziBUDDY adware right after the program.



    ” Naked !

    No ladies”? WHAT? !

    hahahahaha! No, I don’t think so –

    (closing cracks, some sort of tongue) YES!


    • While he’s looking for Joel Bonzibuddy, he’s listening MIDI “Raining von Blood”.

    Joel: Well, I can’t tell if it’s a big solo my slayer, the computer yells the system in agony, I’m recording it.

  • Open Paint and draw deformed Yoshi and Mario on meth until “I’m at the end”.

    How do I fix system errors?

    Method 1: Run System Restore
    Method 2: Run Check Disk
    Method 3: Run System File Checker and DISM
    row method. Run a malware/virus scan of your entire PC system.
    Method 5: Set the default Windows 10 theme
    Method 6: Change the sound scheme of your PC system.
    method 7

    How Mario started – he stopped making mushrooms but decided to take meth So he has a bad thing teffffffffff. /li>

  • Disgusting crap.
  • Every time Joel impersonates Fred Durst, he hears a frequent stream of destroying Windows along the xp path.
  • He opened Paint, counting down the time he was in one of his high school classes, classmates even opened up Paint and Draw In penis against every computer in the room.

    And I swear to God, our fucking driving instructor said WHO HAVE COCKS > draw?

    < /li>

  • 1999-2014


(get up, close the tab)
Windows kill thread

is perhaps one of the most notable contenders for killing other Windows threads.

  • Once again it downloads BonziBUDDY, but it doesn’t work properly, which leads to Joel congratulating you on helping you advance the technology…

    Joel: I think… . BonziBUDDY…Won’t work on Windows 7…That will be the best too! …Hallelujah! Technology done – done, move on!

    • …I haven’t run it as administrator yet… then BonziBUDDY works. Operating systems, because before Vista/7 everything always went through administrationLive default settings.FFFFFFAAAAAHHH!!

    What are system error codes?

    A system error code is an error number, sometimes followed by a brief error message that a Windows-based program might display in response to a specific problem it encountered.

    Joel: why…why did I have time for this?

  • Joel opens his proceedings directly at on air .Class
  • CursorMania which gives you a huge variety of decorative cursors, including one for Jesus one and one for the Pope.
  • From the full thread you have a few toolbars to answer:

    ass “bad mafia toolbars”.


    excuse me

    How do I find Windows error codes?

    More ways to find the error code
    Use the Microsoft troubleshooter. Install the Debugging Tools for Windows, just download the memory dump file and then organize it! command failed. Usually look for plain text or an error code on the Microsoft protocols website.


  • Joel's story about the time when he or Rod's poorly designed desktop computer his old computer had dancers. After this, his father's great disappointment. That Joel's father asked Justin if he "reuploaded boobs" suggests that Joel has already collected and taken them at least once before. The opening
  • lines in the video tutorials really set the tone for what's to come When next:

    Joel: I was ten or six, I asked my dad, "Dad, what's technology?" And my dad says, "That's amazing, Joel. It's magic. Since what day exactly, little Joel has never been the same. . /li>

  • Joel is shocking He tries to install "free emoji sketch toolbar" but ends up unable to use it. He always turns around feeling overwhelmed with all the guilt, the typos and the very picture tricky to play a prank on the installer. The real part begins when the installer asks if he can fill out a form on his website. He clicks on and the link is redirected to the Joel laughs page.



    "Aaah, keep showering me with those emojis!!! I love that!!!"

    (shaking the Burning Super Death Sword while speaking)

    If you


    you're already sick because of the emoticons, why are you taking that?! Even mom,

    even mom

    would admit that something is wrong! Mom!

  • Even the creepy creepy monsters from Scary Sowi MIDI Nice Sprites According to Joel, "Sounds like a fart in some kind of bathtub".to

    • A this MIDI "Darude Sandstorm" is much slower and...

      : It's like any reggae version. Yeah dude! Yah,

      my smoke, yes 'erb


  • He installs a program that creates an amazing animated Christmas tree out of three framework on his home computer, everything hthen he can say, this is what he says all at once:

    What are system error codes?

    A policy error code is an error number followed, in some cases, by a short error word that a Windows program can display in response to a specific problem.

    Joel: Check it out! This is the worst, the most that can be!

  • And then there is this very Softonian woman and her hackneyed set of words, "textbooks". Butcher's girlfriend American by perfect, elsewhere emphasize the pronunciation of an English word that uses Swedish which Joel is the only streamer not from a wonderful English-speaking country.

    Softonic Partners: Find Softonic software thanks to the descriptions most related to the program, and screenshots also like...

    Joel: Screenshots?

    Joel: You... you... WHAT IS - WHAT YOU HAVE. .. do... "tutorials"? ! "TOU-TO-ROLLS"? !

    • The reasoning of his speech is full of realism, and Joel shouts protest.

      Softonic Lady: Softonic: now on your

      Softonic PC!

      Joel: no! Lady: Let's start a new app!

      Joel: No!

      How do I find Windows error codes?

      Additional process to find error message code
      Use the Microsoft troubleshooter. Install the debugging tools to get Windows, download the memory dump file and run it! override command. Check the Microsoft protocols web pages for plain text, possibly an error code.

      Softonic Lady: Toon Do you know what software you are looking for? < /p>

    • The fact that they pride themselves on mimicking their software with over thirty antivirus programs. Lady:

    softonic To make sure many of our programs don't containwe scan more than thirty computer anti-virus engines for viruses.

    Joel: One thirty? ! Is it not enough? !

    • Joel waves to Bonzi, which also stutters the Softonic language file.
    • Last line Softonic:

      softonic-dame: for windows ! The easiest way to learn...

      Joel: Destroy on your PC!

  • "God scroll my, look my own bar, it's like a whole Twinkie!"
  • Joel:
    (to read)

    "Aaah, don't stop, keep squirting this on me!!! I love that Smileys!!!"

    (shakes his Burning Super Sword of Death cursor while talking)

    If you're already tired of emoticons, why are you taking so many more? ! The same mother,

    same !

    : It's kind of like a reggae version. Yeah dude! Yahmon,

    smoking Fordy Erb
    Destroy Windows Install 8

    Highlight dubious programs like Butterflys, and desktop myfelix, and an endless array of rogue PC optimizers.

    • That's reason enough for Joel to comment on Windows 8's unfriendly start menu system and say it might be his fastest lookeo about destruction. "Neighbourhood" The app prompts him to enter the last location, to which Joel replies "Hell". He then f*cking selects Michigan... and immediately gets a "No error data available" message in the evaluation message.
    • How do I fix system errors?

      Method 1: Run System Restore
      Method 2: Run Check Disk
      Method 3: Run System File Checker and DISM
      Method 4: Run a malware/virus scan of the entire PC system.
      Method 5: Set the default Windows 10 theme
      Method 6: Change the sound scheme of your PC system.
      method 7

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