T53159 OpenVDB cache does not support Unicode characters

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Anand Hans is the Administrator of Cache Blend Blend, a 10-year Microsoft MVP (2006-2016) and a Key Windows Insider MVP. Write a full message and advice first, create a system restore before making any changes to your individual system, and beware of third party offers when installing free software.

The Windows Store is Microsoft’s marketplace for downloading apps. However, many users may experience one or more issues when accessing and using the Store or apps. This is a report related to fixing one of those conditions that many users very often suffer from – a corrupted Microsoft Store cache. If you’re having trouble running Windows Store apps, my Windows Store apps troubleshooter can go back to normal troubleshooting. mustache toolTroubleshooter of your system will start to detect some problems that may prevent it from working properly in Windows 11/10. The troubleshooter then tries to fix the problem automatically, without your intervention. But what if the troubleshooter itself gives a message – The Windows storage cache may be corrupted! ?

How do I turn off CSC cache?

If your Windows Store cache is corrupted after running the Windows Store Apps Troubleshooter, you need to check the Windows Store and reset the cache folder in the app. directory.

In the case that is most commonly associated with Windows memory cache corruption, the troubleshooter will surely help identify that particular problem. Also, it doesn’t help much in solving the problem. Thus, a troubleshooter can only diagnose and not treat this problem.

If you’re also experiencing or working on problems with the Windows Store, try manually fixing the problem using one of these two technologies. Reset

1] Windo Storews

To clear the Windows Store cache, open the System32 folder and search for WSReset.exe. Right-click it and select “Run as administrator”.

The app will be reset to the Windows Store with little or no change to your settings or installed software applications. Windows will automatically open Store windows after the reset process is complete. You should now be able to access the exact Windows Store and use it properly.

2]Reset Cache Directory To Application Files Directory

Open File Explorer, copy and paste the following path into the address bar crosswise and press Enter:


Again, if your Windows is installed on a different drive, replace the “C” letter mentioned above with the root drive of the system that your user account name points to. Also replace the text my with the username associated with someone on the account.

Now check the localstate folder for the cache file. If it’s still there, rename it to cache.old. After that, createCreate a new empty file and name it “Cache”.

After the families have completed the above step, close File Explorer and restart the system. After the system, run the Windows Store Apps Troubleshooter again. This time, it will not only detect the problem, but fix it automatically.

Reboot your system and try opening our own Windows Store. This method should work if you have an account.

Check this if you get a “Service Registration Missing” or “Message Corrupt” error.

“…people are trying to help you” – well, I couldn’t find ANY HELP.

I mean, it’s 29 hours, I’m all: Bake free trial, Bake, Alt+A, Bake’s current cache, moving from Open VDB BPhys to…
NOTHING works – NOTHING. Generates

alt+nice animation, but when you press ESC and move the treasured frame, it disappears.
No particles or organisms when I hit Current Cache in Bake.
The same applies if Free e All cooks and then cooks again.

Writing about it now only BPhys (yesterday the disk was on a different base, I was able to save files to VDB) – But I don’t want to (the files are too big).

Yesterday my wife and I were preparing the final DEMO file for posting here, and it also shows an error.
So I removed all the extra seams.
Guess what? THIS single file actually works. But it’s USELESS without additional actors.

Then I thought I could copy the file cache (VDB!!) into the current file, which I ALWAYS TRY.
Paste error.
But cache “name” would be very similar!!

I have no motivation.

My last attempt will be to import most of the other meshes back into a “demo” file. This

  • if this (supposedly) doesn’t work anymore, it would mean that only the domain issuer is allowed and almost always no other meshes.
  • That might make sense (not exactly, but it would have some perverse reason – something I’m used to in Blender, like “swapping” right and left sizes).

  • If it works… I’ll gladly go to the roof.
  • But I’d have an eternity asking “WHY ONE has this job and not the other Who loves her?”


    The second function is MYSTERY!!!!

    But something must be fundamentally wrong. what to investigate next: I mean if you play around with the simulation for a while (changing the computer’s hard drive, free cache repair, baking, copying, preparing and all that), you’ll end up with a broken tail file.

    And not a good idea.

    Why the vdb file NEVER gets a newly created PointCache (it only creates files) is a pretty big mystery.

    How do I reinitialize offline cache in Windows 10?

    “…people are trying to let you” – well, I couldn’t find ANY HELP.

    I mean it’s been a whole day and I’m trying everything: free bake, bake, Alt+A, caching current bake, revision from Open VDB to BPhys…
    NOTHING works – NOTHING.

    Alt+A made a nice animation, but when I hit ESC and move to the right frame, everything disappears.
    It doesn’t matter if it turns out I’m pushing Current Cache to cook.
    The same applies if Free i All cooks and then cooks again.

    Now only BPhys writes to disk (yesterday I was able to save files using VDB to anotherfile) – and I don’t need it (too big files).

    Yesterday I was preparing a list of DEMO mixes to post here, and an error occurred.
    So I removed all the extra seams.
    Guess what? THIS is the only file that works. But it is USELESS without many actors.

    Then I thought I could copy certain cache files (vdb!!) into the base file, which I ALWAYS try to do.
    Unable to load.
    But the “name” of the cache is almost the same!!

    In particular, my last attempt will be to re-import the other meshes associated with the “demo” file.

  • If the following (supposedly) doesn’t work anymore, it should mean that only the domain, issuer is allowed, and the rest are fully merged.
  • Maybe it makes sense (not really, but it has some perverse logic that I used in Blender, like “swap” right and left sides).

  • If yes… Then I would like to move to the upper limit.
  • How do I fix Windows installer error?

    But I will always stick with any type of question: “WHY DOES THIS ONE have a purpose and the other usually doesn’t?”

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