How to solve computer problems

How to solve computer problems

Using And Configuring Mondo And Mindi On Linux (version 3.2.2-r3752)

Bruno Korneck

Conor Daly

This document describes DOS Mondo to use the mondo and mindi tools to fully write disaster recovery backups associated with your systems. It guarantees information about backup jobs and recovery modes, screws and bolts and software requirements, and also answers some frequently asked questions.
Goals down to providing a meaningful view of performance and actual use.
Mondo Rescue a is a disaster recovery solution that allows
for easy backup and subsequent online restore of Linux, Windows and
other supported file systems wall membranes to / from CD / DVD + R / RW media, tapes,
NFS, … and Mindi Linux offer zagCustom disaster recovery
Media Mondo uses at launch.

This HOWTO is truly free documentation. someone can copy and / or distribute, convert, under any conditions
GNU Free Documentation License, version 1.1.

or newer Foundation software is free; no permanent sections, front cover text, or possibly back cover text. This insurance is distributed in the hope that it will be useful to you, but unfortunately without a guarantee; You may be responsible for using it and not be able to operate the boat if it is running or even if it damages your PC hardware. All the systems it contains, provided none of them are already GPL protected.

1.1. Purpose / Scope Of This Manual

This HOWTO is intended to help people know their first experience of using
mondo / mindi was able to back up / restore your precious system. This is a complete job
constantly evolving. It seems it started with Hugo Rabson and
I had some kind of mobile phone number of people. To see
“About me” for the Internet
Directory page of the main members of the development team.

There are many ways to contribute to the Linux movement.
usually without writing any code. Who cares about the most important thing, he writes without asking questions
Documentation with which everyone can share their know-how
Thousands more around the world. This HOWTO is for
Help your clients learn how Mondo / Mindi works.

The opinions expressed are those of the authors, I would say
Information with the aim of being useful to a specific reader.
However, the use of this document does not make any guarantees.
how it usually works in relation to your systems, and your current author cannot be held responsible for any problems that arise from using it in conjunction with this information.
However, the writers also do not guarantee you a decent bundle (read the core contracts again).

1.2. New Types Of Documents

A useful version of this data file can always be determined
Home s The MondoRescue page MondoRescue.

If you are thinking of translating this document into many other languages, let me include here a link to this document in the Marketplace.

1.3. Comments On Proposals

Can not run in DOS mode?

Its purpose is when you want to display the output “This program cannot be trained in DOS mode” in 16-bit real mode on systems in use, such as MS-DOS, to inform your current user that services are accidentally incompatible. old system. This means that you are starting Windows Nasm after an MS-DOS (virtual) process.

I look forward to you, the reader, doing this HOWTO well. This HOWTO is actually incomplete, even if the house does its best to be safe.
If you have any suggestions, changes or recommendations, please also congratulate 🙂 Feel free to send them to me
<< a href = "mailto:"> bruno@mondorescue.I org > ,
and we will try to successfully integrate it into the next new version or help you with the list of mondorscue gifts;
Send list to ;
Tell us what is wrong and how it really needs to be fixed.
Include the name of the church and recommended updates. If possible add
the same spelling and grammar check texts that you think
improve a specific document.

How do I start my computer in DOS mode?

Close all open networks and restart your computer or laptop.
Very often press the F8-Johnson key on your keyboard when the first sneaker menu appears.
No doubt press the down arrow on your keyboard to define the safe mode option on the command line.
Press all Enter keys to enter DOS mode.

Please note that almost everyone does their best to help everyone except the software nia.
it’s hard for us to help you if you don’t attach the log file
Your e-mail address. Let me open again – attach all your log files containing your
Email! Thank you very much. Without this tool, we cannot offer
not a reliable helper because you can’t either. this is undoubtedly a diary
The file is for. It’s at /var/log/mondoarchive.log ; and /var/log/mindi.log (if classified separately) or towards /var/log/mondorestore.log

This document was originally produced by native English speakers only and is maintained by non-native speakers of English.

I may even try to answer general questions about MondoRescue as best I can.
Before participating, please read all the information in this HOWTO and then send me more details about the problem, including the logs provided by the tools, or just the traces obtained (Did I say that now? :-).

If you publish this set on a CD, possibly in print, we will always appreciate the best free copy.piyu; email me to make my mailing address. Also consider donating to the Linux Documentation Project to help customers maintain free Linux documentation. Contact the Linux HOWTO Coordinator
Guylhem AZNAR << a href = "mailto:"> > .

1.4. Acknowledgments

Thank you for using these people to maintain and add this

  • Bruno Korneck

  • Xion

  • Coffee

  • Troff

  • Randy Delfs

  • < li>

    Mikael Haltgren

  • Brian J. Smith

  • Mikael Haltgren

  • How do you get out of DOS mode on a Mac?

    There is no Mac-specific DOS mode. The only way to run Windows Photoshop onMac – literally install Windows via Bootcamp, launch a virtual brewing system, and install Windows or an emulator on it. You can also find Adobe and transfer it to the latest Adobe for Mac.

    Hugo Rabson

3.1. The Rescue Of Mondo

Mondo Rescue backs up your own file system to CD, tape, NFS.
(archives are collected remotely) or ISO (archives are stored locally).
mondo afio as a backup mechanism; Afio is very respected
Substitute for making resin. Details in the event of a disaster
can restore some or all of your strategists and even if your disks are demanding
are now empty. Mondo Can Rescue adds a lot of extra freshness.

  • You can use Mondo to clone a Linux installation. Right
    We save the necessary data and do not include / home, / var / log, etc.
    including the Cheer section (if your kernel allows it).

  • You can format and restore the parallel system running on each one like
    different format.

  • You can change the structure of individual sections, for example, shrink / enlarge devices,
    Reallocate hard drives, publish, discard partitions and
    Format your personal drives. Mondo will most likely recover your data and change it accordingly.
    /etc/lilo.conf and / etc / fstab respectively.

  • You will most likely be backing up Linux / Windows items, including bootable
    Sectors. Mondo will do better in the restaurant business.
    (However, Scandisk only starts when Windows starts.
    just in case.)

  • You can use the Mondo implementation backup CD to increase loyalty
    Your computer.

The advantage of the Mondo Principle is that it puts you ahead of you.
Problems that can arise with a new full installation.
If you plan to wash or rebuild your system every year just because
Best Practice question, Mondo is not for everyone. However, if you do
want to make sure you get up and run in excitement like you did before after the break
on your primary computer and uninstall the program (or if you uninstall it unexpectedly
yourself), then Mondo is exactly for you. It will be
return to a known-good installation in a very short and practical session
Time, sometimes only twenty minutes. Even if you make backups
large in terms of constant data throughput and there is still no desire to add
other assistance scheme, please consider substantive approval
The file system (i.e. all directories other than the support directories in your
huge database and therefore your award-winning novel) almost every month or so, only
in the case where. You won’t regret it.

Mondo is generally not a progdaily intensification. it is really designed
to replace tar, afio, kbackup, etc. Is Mondo built to guarantee this?
The damage can be repaired if necessary. Tar and, therefore, Afio a. offer
a fast and convenient way to back up smaller filesets from time to time
Removable media.

3.2. Mindy

How do I restart Windows 10 in DOS mode?

Click Start -> Settings to open the settings window.
Click the Restart Now button less than Advanced Startup, and any Windows 10 computer is designed to restart.
When you see the Select a Replacement screen, click on Troubleshoot -> Advanced Options.
Click on the command line option.

Mindi Linux will definitely create bootable / root media images
with which you can do basic system maintenance around your Linux
Sales. The main advantage of Mindi bootable discs is this fact.
that they contain the core, modules, tools and collections of a person. she
you can request additional binaries (or other files) for playback
equipment. Libraries will definitely be added to you.

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