Book Review: The Demon (2006) and Freedom™ (2010)

A high-tech thriller for the wireless age that explores the unimaginable consequences of a computer program operating without the control of a human – a demon – destined to destroy the new world order and create society.

Technological control panel for almost everything in our modern life, from remote access to our new or used cars to access to our homes from anywhere, from our airline flight controls to thriller

High-tech in support of the era of wireless communication, exploring all the unthinkable consequences of a computer operating without the control of a person – a demon who is destined to destroy society and establish a new good world order.

Technology controls almost everything in our modern world, from the remote control of our cars to the right to enter our homes, from checking tickets on our planes to my movements in global markets. Thousands of autonomous computer programs, daemons, or perhaps our interconnected world, are constantly working with our lives,Suppress emails in the background, move assets and control electrical networks. For the most part, demons are harmless, which can not always be said about people with such an idea. Sable

Matthew was a legendary developer of online computer applications. He has created half a dozen online games. His untimely death in need of both the player and the company is a fixed price. Sables, but the fans are not the most spectacular, are thrown into when the eyes exceed their length. When his obituary goes online, another previously dormant demon is activated, setting off a chain of events designed to unravel the fabric of our entire super-efficient, interconnected world. With Sable’s secrets hidden with him, and as layers of demons emerge pulling him out at every turn, an unlikely alliance to unravel his convoluted personal agendas and wrest the case from an anonymous, faceless enemy or – learn directly how to create a society where we may no longer have control. , . .

Computer technology expert Daniel Suarez combines exciting high-techrealism with an authentic superb thriller tradition in Michael Crichton, Neil Stevenson, William and Gibson.


Book Daemon (2006) And Freedom™ (2010) By Daniel Suarez


If viewers like hacker stories like “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” or video game stories like “First Player Ready” or maybe even stories that combine the two like “Reamde ”, you will like “Damon” and “Freedom ™ I Made” by Daniel Suarez. . If you love Michael Crichton as much as you love Jurassic Park, Fear of the State, Prey, and Exposure, you’ll be amazed that the always charming author has returned from the grave. Both of Suarez’s literary works tell a long story and may well be overwhelmed with seemingly futuristic ideas that are only a few years away from being fully realized. Suarez reintroduces these new feelings from the point of view of an old-school hacker, bringing order to the population. And his character, the Thinking Demon’s key designer, says that all rulersThe entities and their corporate and business masters are corrupt and the only way to solve your current problems is to burn the order of the planet and focus on how the Demon and his followers infiltrate everything using hacking, murder and intimidation. The old order of the world strikes back and wins in an epic epic showdown of incredible power and technical countermeasures. I highly recommend both books. Suarez excels in writing, making the right technical suggestions. Combine the two books into which story best fits the cybersecurity canon. You should have read them by now.

Published in 2006 by Verdugo Press, but first self-published by a website author and his wife in 2006, [1] is the story of human hackers who start a revolution using computers from the near future as catalysts to change the world. the sequel, Freedom Unleashed™ in the 2010 season, is really the second half of the story. and daemon Freedom™ depict a world that has been rebuilt sincenow, and hackers shouldn’t feel comfortable with our own control design.

The premise is intriguing. Matt Sobol is a longtime CTO and founder of a gaming company that in turn develops and maintains a successful Massively Multiplayer Role Playing Game (MMORPG) much like World of Warcraft. Leiden, with whom he learned a little about some kind of artificial intelligence program and how this task interacts with real people. However, in the opening pages of several, Sable dies of cancer. Instead, my husband left behind a software daemon, which is why Suarez said in an interview that it was a real “news player, transmedia human mechanism” of manipulation. [2]

“abbreviation for Disc and Execution Monitor [used in Unix] environments and is a wonderful Dee-Mon. In essence, it is a system that works completely, the work is automated and usually handles outdoor activities such as connection requests, starting transactions, etc.[3]

“Demo”Sable Li barely gets any more sophisticated. Like a mad master of history, Sable, Hoping for His Death, projects a complex logical forest of possible outcomes and sets the man’s demonic clock for those end results. His goal is to bring about causes in the old world system to bring about a great revolution, a reset, the one when you are able, and he is not averse to destroying the whole world to achieve this. Tell

divide the story into three parts. The first book, The Demon, focuses on the rise of The Demon, its followers on the regional dark web, and how the government and the US, even its corporate partners, plan to condition them. The good guys in the exact story set against Damon consist of an NSA HTML cracker, a local California cop, an FBI SWAT team leader, a CIA special op, and a software security/gamer/hacker consultant. The second book, Freedom™, focuses on the consequences rebooting the darknet, society itself changing for the better for the reboot, and a disastrous confrontation between dark web coercion and local government forces trying to come to terms with it. face the past. Finally, some of the main strengths of the Good Guy from the Silent Book are going over to the side of the Darknet and understand that there is no turning back and that it is better to restart the old system.

Some of the rumors surrounding Suarez are that he is by far the rightful heir to Michael Crichton’s throne in the realm of fictional storytelling: the likes of Jurassic Park, State of Fear, and Prey’s “Disclosure” dedicated to impact technologies society, to name but a few. years away from reality. I accept the comparison. Sind Suarez’s two books are filled with fantastic ideas that could have existed before and become popular in the next decade. Things like “sound production without an audio system that can make voices appear anywhere in the air”, autonomous vehicles (it took four years in 2006 before the military had drones at the heart of operationalObama’s foreign policy decisions in the East), advanced voice recognition systems, desktop creation, and augmented reality are on the way, to name but a few of the technologies driving a distinct dark web.[4]

Of course, since Sable is a deceased person, he needs proxies alive to make money at the auction. One of the foods that his demon eats is his mentor first in his game of killing monsters. As they progress and gain experience in the game, they will learn how to organize large alliances of people around the world, act as a team member to achieve team goals, assess the strengths and weaknesses within the team and potential opponents, and also plan Lead. Missions that use these strengths and weaknesses for the success of the party. If you think I’m joking, read Rick McCormick’s article on The Verge, which describes a specific epic space battle that took place this January of the year. In an MMORPG called Eve Online, McCormick estimates that more than 5,000 players from both sides have entered into a conflict thatultimately resulted in the loss of over $200,000 in the real world due to damage caused by the virtual spacecraft.

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