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v2.2 (2021-09-29)

  • Use Acromag’s dedicated watchdog to force it to close the dome and stop everything
    in case the GUI loses connection with Acromag (for example, the host) the crashes.
  • Acromag watchdog timeout is set to 5 minutes on startup and disabled.
    If the GUI is indeed closed.

    v2.1 Enabled (2021-07-12)

  • Added useful prism orientation (dy) to some log files and reports.
  • v2.0.4 (11/10/2020)

  • Fixed output when a, “report status” is displayed on request as two
    events at the same time.
  • v2.0.(2019-08-15)

  • Correction 3 of the “moon phase” calculation.
  • A small part of the moonlight used supports the light background
    select my star DIMM.

    v2.0.2 (2019-06-19)

  • stop activity for at least 15 seconds when the wind speed limit is exceeded.
  • This avoids frequent close/open cycles and wind gusts.

    v2.0.1 (January 29, 2019 Powered)

  • Turn off CCD after own initialization failure tions.
  • v2.0 (January 28, 2019)

  • Connect (SBIG) new if driver can open ccd without camera.
  • Truck driver will open later (even power), shutting down if it fails
    Was not closed on short notice.
  • Automatically save the list of objects on change.

  • (2018-11-08)

  • Remove New “pause” state at dawn.
  • The daily report was posted after the end of the main it, the content is probably all.
    after sent sunrise.
  • Disable AutoDIMM recommended and restart GUI on playback.
    Most SBIG cameras never run out.

    As a safety precaution, a “hanging” display cannot be safely removed. Some
  • Reordered statements to avoid race conditions if present.
    There can be several reasons for locking yourself up.
  • Added one more thing, when registering it still happens. error,
  • Fixed the human dome “moving” forever when a message containing
    failchic acromag.
  • Tick “Dome=Unknown” in the status (on the dimm website)
    Try letting them close the dome every 30 minutes again.
  • v2-beta-0207 (10/03/2018)

  • Added “report” for automatic CSET completion work.
  • An error occurred while getting the time”
    “the remaining AP Mount Watchdog. (2018-10-02)
  • v2-beta-0206

  • Added an excellent “Auto CSET” checkbox to “General”.
    area settings.
  • Record a specific savepoint before sales calls after searching the “cset” helix. (2018-10-01)
  • Automatic
  • v2-beta-0205 set target coordinates “cset” immediately after execution
    Centering control in autodimmer mode.

  • Added (2018-09-12) hour angle and platform side relative to
    file “cdimm_state”.
  • If initialization of the primary CCD of the telescope or scope fails, recharge the battery
    try the device again and. Time
  • The “suspend” value of completion after such an event has been increased from event 25 to
    60 minutes. (2018-09-05)

  • Connect internalmessage GUI every 10 seconds.
  • Try following de because I said it would be a weird hangup.
    50 minutes GUI night lasts.
    v2-beta-0200 (August 31, 2018)

  • Fixed a bug preventing submission
    Module messages in the Explanation at the top of the message box.
  • This pest appeared in the version when 0199, I added a second
    System messages must be signed in an “internal” log file.
    v2-beta-0199 (Aug 30, 2018)

  • Turn off and suspend for 15 minutes if
    CCD initialization or
    Telescopic mode (in AutoDIMM).
  • v2-beta-0198 (Aug 29, 2018)

  • No tracking after turning on vehicle
  • Enable tracking before each execution
    Disable parking flag tracking
  • Enter IgnorePointing, which starts most of the “threads”.
    Guard dog without current equipment check.
  • Set the ignorePointing flag on power up
    Reset the ignorePointing flag after each range
    Set the ignorePointing flag before parkingShut off the machine (turn off the power)
  • Read watchdog every timer times from APmount
    three seconds when telescope is idle (on but not oriented)
  • The returned value is displayed in the upper right corner.
    TeleGUI windows.
    Note. CDIMM GUI does not (yet) provide an interpreter on detection
    an illegal position, except that the non-watchdog is “feeding” the dog. .

  • Automatically .subtract .180 .from .value .offset .[deg] .pa
    . . . .(..file), xml if side is dock “West”.
  • Feed the AstroPhysics Animal Guard Sled Dog.
  • V2-beta-0194 If (2018-08-14)

  • closed, measurement taking too long
    (measurement time +30 seconds).
  • This can happen when the CCD camera freezes.
  • Added one “checkbox” (HardHat/Tele) to enable
    true meridian flip when moving an absolute telescope.

  • AutoDIMM mode must not be enabled
    Meridian enabled Flip. this

  • Display the remote current page in the corresponding TeleGUI window.
  • Pierce page is read from the moment the hotspot is started
    mounting and therefore every movement of the telescope.

  • Removed state from "sleep" CCD Any and Teleskop.CCD
  • the rest are off when not trained. telescope
    to move to "park" position and turn on
    off when not in use. From
  • added parameter 0 "cloud-limit"..1 to the final defaults.xml file. equals
  • minflux ExpectedFlux CloudLimit
  • parameter * Added "flux-limit" [counts] parameter to define the default XML file.
  • This has always been the absolute number of samples near the star (not scaled).
    time) impact.
  • Write each line separately to the log file after focus change:
  • "The focus motor seems to have been running .2f seconds" in
    v2-beta-0190 (2018-08-06)

  • Increased hour angle precision in log file 2 to (%-digits.2f).
  • Normalize the hour angle to -12..+12 everywhere. "HA
  • Read limit" in a specific
  • ha_limit1: xml file: default=-5.0 (pier/west: HA > ha_limit1, east: < -ha_limit1)
    ha_limit2: ha par. 2 default=.0 (pier/west: <'ha_limit2, east: > ha -ha_limit2)

    I replaced each ("‰¤") "‰¥" ">" with ("<").
  • The log format of the TPOINT file has been corrected frequently.
  • v2-beta-0189 (08/03/2018)

  • Updating some sun heights every 30 seconds 60) (instead of sun
  • The position has been updated internally (i.e. AutoDIMM
    open the dome) it's good that the GUI hasn't been updated, if you see it
    that the telescope affects off.
  • Added an hour angle to make sure you get a log file (after measurement) every time.
  • V2-beta-0188 (2018-08-02)

  • CSET sends last coordinates

  • Send to TeleGUI

    MoveTo or on screen ObjectList

  • Proper TPOINT format implemented.
  • Set the overvoltage limit from defined to
  • West: = ha -5.0..2.0 (previously -5.0..1.5)
    East: HA = -2.0..5.0 (previously -1.5..5.0)
    v2-beta-0187 (2018-08-01)

  • You can see in the corner of the hour window DIMM.Alt/Az
  • display will be changed to 4 decimal places
  • Added "Park" button to TV/headset.
  • The "MoveToAltAz" button has been added to this headset/phone. Control
  • implemented

  • Focus with Acromag des.
  • And the extra keys "foc+" and "Foc-" should move 1/2 of the value obtained from all values ​​"fthreshold" should
    Autofocus be on desktop after first defining "fspeed"
    Note that the reference to "fspeed" must be correct (currently 2.58)

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