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Spelling helps some of us who won a spelling contest look like we didn’t drop out of school. The IESpell Transcription Checker for Microsoft Explorer ensures the security of online and web-based email messages from the Internet.

We think it’s convenient, discreet, fast, and accurate. If you need a punctuation checker, activate the program through the “Tools” menu, the toolbar button and the context menu. The intuitive interface is similar to any other checker, transliteration with the possibility of adding words to the dictionary and ignoring email addresses and URLs. It also provides a direct link to Merriam Webster’s online dictionary, giving you the opportunity to expand your vocabulary in your personal work.


I wish IESpell could correct errors and punctuation check spelling as you type. We were pleased that it recognizes misspelled words and offers spelling skills. This is a great free campaign for people with spelling problems.

enable hover: false,
enableTracking: true
Buttons: TweetEx: ”},
via: click: function(api, options)

$(‘#facebook’) .share(
facebook: correct
Pattern: ‘

enable hover: false,
enableTracking: true
Buttons: Layout: Click: Function Options)
(api, api.simulateClick();


// Scrollable Sharrre Club Posted by Eric Fry.
var $_shareContainer is $(.sharrre-container”),
$_header is equal to $(‘#header’),
= $_postentry$(‘.entry’),
$window = $(window),
startSharePosition is $_shareContainer.offset(),//object
= $_postEntry contentBottom.offset().top + $_postEntry.outerHeight(),
topOfTemplate $_header means .offset().top,
TopSpacing = _setTopSpacing();

// fires on scroll
with Function()
shareScroll= var scrollTop = $window.scrollTop() TopOfTemplate,
+ stopLocation means contentBottom – ($_shareContainer.outerHeight() + topSpacing);

$_shareContainer .’fixed’);

css if(position: (scrollTop > stopLocation)
$_shareContainer.css (position: “relative”);

In contentBottom at the top: – $_shareContainer.outerHeight(),
Left: startSharePosition.left,


otherwise (scrollTop >= $_postEntry.offset().top, e.g. topSpacing)
$_shareContainer .css (position: “fixed”, top: “100 pixels”);

//top: scrollTop + topSpacing,
left: startSharePosition.left,

else if 1440 (scroll)
topSpacing means DistanceFromTop + $(‘.nav-wrap’).outerHeight();
different like you
topSpacing is the distance from the top;

Increasing profitability;

// Set up event listeners
$window.on(‘scroll’, _.throttle(function()
if ($window.width() > 719)
Share Scroll();

, ) fifty );
$window.on(‘resize’, _.Function() debounce( {
Suppose ($window.width() > 719) {

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