How to fix ping.exe error?

This article provides a solution to the problem of returning an invalid IP address when clients ping the server by its NetBIOS name.

Applies to the next release of Windows R2 Server
Original base number 981953


Your Knowledge: Create a computer running Server 2008 or Server Windows R2 08. If a server has so many IP addresses that it tries to ping its NetBIOS URL, it is expected to return an invalid IP address.


If you are pinging a real name instead of an IP address, that name must be mapped to an IP address. that If the name belongs to a specific server, the IP address is returned as a network card from the address above or below in the order of the network binding. This is usually the previous NIC installed that cannot match the expected interface. Therefore, the ping command returns an invalid IP address. Bypass


For this workaround, you can change the adapter that chooses an IP address by moving the preferred adapter up or down in a particular binding order and. For a hidden card that is not on our list, you can create a hosts file using the server username and expected IP address. The hidden adapter instance could be Microsoft Cluster Adapter virtual.change Failover

So You Place A Firm Order

  1. Click on
    , Start and point click From the control panel.”Internet

  2. Click and network”, then click “Network and Sharing Center”.network

  3. Change treadmill function adapter settings:

  4. Click Manage adapter settings for Windows Server 2008.

  5. For Windows Server R2, click 2008 Change adapter settings.

  6. Click Arrange, click Layout, then Menu Bar.

  7. In the “More” menu “More click settings”.

  8. In the “Connections” window, select the required network card.

  9. When you do this, move the list to the top of network adapter skills, or to the bottom of the list. You can use the UP ARROW and DOWN ARROW keys.

  10. Click OK.

How To Change The Hosts File In The Market

For an invisible adapter, you can’t order aTo retain the change by following the steps in the attach section “For change order”. For hidden adapters, you can usually add an entry to the hosts file with the recommended host name and IP address. You

  1. click Start
    , then click All Programs.

  2. Click “Accessories”, right-click “Notepad” and check “Run as administrator”.

  3. If you are prompted to enter an administrator password or create a confirmation, enter the password or provide confirmation.

  4. At the command prompt, type the following command, then click %windir%\System32\Drivers\Etc.

  5. At the entrance:

    cd quickly enter the command in the hosts notepad, then ENTER and the contents.

  6. At the end of the data you opened in step 5, a new entry for the new IP address is provided in the following working format: IP_Address Hostname
    For example, to create an IP address of for Server01, enter the following:

  7. On the File menu, click Save, then close Notepad.

  8. At the command prompt, type /flushdns, ipconfig, and then press ENTER.It may well reload the hosts file of a reboot without a computer or server.

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For more reports on the getaddrinfo function, visit msdn:
getting address information takes a few minutes

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  • If the NIC often has multiple addresses, IPv6 addresses are preferred.

    If they want to ping the IPv4-specific network adapter support, you can use the -4 option. For example, you can use the command on:
    ping -4

    If you want to use the community via IPv4 addresses, you can force Windows to use IPv4 addresses instead of IPv6 addresses. However, we advise you not to do this. We strongly recommend that you upgrade your network to use IPv6 addresses. For more information about disabling IPv6, simply click the following Knowledge Base article number Like Microsoft:

    929852 Disable certain components of Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) in Windows Vista, Windows 7 Windows, and Server 2008

    An incorrect TCP/IP method causes a generic ping error. Ping is an invaluable tool for troubleshooting all kinds of network problems or problems. A general error appears when the Internet protocol is not selected on the computer, perhaps the best one. You may prefer tcp/ipv6 or tcp/ipv4 when it comes to zones when it comes to waiting for a computer.

    An incorrect TCP/IP configuration should cause a general ping error. Ping is a useful tool for troubleshooting or troubleshooting network connectivity. "General error" is displayed when not all correct internet protocols are assigned to the computer. You can find TCP/IPv4 or TCP/IPv6 from the control panel of the manager computer.Ezimgfmt="ng alt=""

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    Karan, Khanna is usually an avid user of who prefers to write about Windows 11/10 issues and Microsoft technologies in general.

    Ping, transmission failed, timing errorThe error sometimes occurs in Windows 12 or 10 windows when executing a called ping command. This is a fantastic and extremely useful tool for diagnosing vendor issues and checking if the laptop can currently communicate through the meeting and suggest another computer or device to connect to the internet. However, the procedure sometimes does not work correctly and the transfer causes the biggest errors. If you have exactly the same problem, read this article to find a solution.

    Sending Ping: General Failure, Error Ezah="90"

    Typically try the following solutions to fix ping: Broadcast Common Windows 11/10 error. You

    1. clear corrupted cache
    2. Run the DN troubleshooter from the network adapter
    3. Network reset
    4. Run System Restore. Clear DNS cache

    1] Damaged

    Actually, the only cause of the error is a corrupted DNS store cache. So, try to follow the procedure to fix the error "Unable to send due to common problems".

    Launch prosoftware from your computer using Windows search and select "Run as administrator". A command prompt window will open.

    Then play Insert and the following command in the command prompt window, but also press Enter.

    ipconfig /flushdns

    2] Run The Required Adapter Network Troubleshooter.

    It is important to maintain this network adapter. This helps diagnose if and possibly troubleshoot network related problems. Try the Fanbase procedure for general troubleshooting.

    Settings > Update & > Security troubleshooter > Advanced > Network adapter troubleshooter > Run this troubleshooter

    If the above solutions didn't solve someone's problem, you can do a system overhaul. If you may have become aware of another solution that usually fixes the transmission error, please let us know in the message section.

    3] 728" Reset

    Your network system may use the"Network Reset" in 10 windows to reinstall your network adapters and restore default tech accessory settings. Run

    4] System Restore

    System Restore can help solve some laptop problems. Sometimes a computer or laptop stops responding normally due to some barbaric software. System Restore gives users time to return to the operating system system today, return to the previous state and lose nothing. Follow the download instructions to restore your system.

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