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Error code: 1064. Your entire SQL syntax is wrong; Check for correct syntax in the manual check corresponding to your MySQL host version using “from human” in field 2.

Receiving an “Error 1064” message caused by Mysql means that the query cannot be parsed without syntax errors. In other parts of speech, the request may not make sense.

The quote in the error message certainly starts with the first character of the query, which MySQL can’t figure out how to parse. In this For example, MySQL cannot recognize of Person as a context. In this case, human is preceded by an unnecessary comma. The comma tells MySQL to expect a different column description in the SELECT


Format error always says ... just below '...'. What you see at the beginning, the quotes are almost where the error is. To spot the error, look at the first character of the quotes and the last character before your current quotes.

Sometimes you get ... just below ''; i.e. nothing in the sentences. This means that the first character that MySQL cannot understand is the correct character when visiting the end or beginning of the statement. This definitely indicates that the query contains unbalanced quotation marks (' or perhaps ") or unbalanced square brackets, or that most people pre-filled the declaration incorrectly.< /p >

In the case of a stored subroutine, you may have forgotten when to properly use DELIMITER.

So if you get 1064, look at the contents of the request and see what the item mentioned in the error message is. StudyEnter the text of our request just in this place.

If you could ask someone to help you solve the problem, you should get error 1064. It’s better to get both the migration request text and the error text of the new message.

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